Due to excessive amounts of copying of LGP games, we have reluctantly been forced to introduce a certain level of DRM into our games.

This came about after we found one of our games for download on a P2P site, and so we uploaded a crippled version up there to try and dilute the downloads. We then received more requests for support from people reporting the bug we had deliberately left in the crippled version of the game, than we sold copies of the game in that period. And when you consider that probably only a small portion of people who downloaded the game had the nerve to ask for support on an illegal copy, well, it says that there is too much copying.

We accept that in many ways, copy protection does more to penalise legitimate users of the game. This is why we have made the system as unobtrusive as possible, while maintaining as much of the security as we can.

Below are some of the common questions and answers we have about our copy protection system.

1: Do I have to be online to install?
No, not at all. You can install the game without an internet connection.
2: Do I have to be online to play?
No, not at all. You can play the game without an internet connection.
3: Do I have to keep the disc in the computer?
No, not at all. You can take the disc out and put it away until you need to reinstall.
4: Do I have to enter my key and/or password each time I start the game?
No, not at all. You need to enter your key and password only when installing the game, or if you significantly change your computer hardware. Other than that you will never need to enter any details.
5: Why do I need to enter a password?
The LGP copy protection system allows you to install the game on more than one machine for personal use. The password system is a way to ensure that it is really you installing the game. You must use the same password for all instances of the game. If you change the password for one copy of the game, you will then be locked out of all copies of the game, until you re-enter the new password for each of them on startup.

This also means, for anyone planning to share the game, that anyone you give your key and password to can change the password, and lock you out of yourown game.

6: Why do I need to enter an email address?
You do not. The email address is optional. However adding one will allow you to reset your password if you lose it. Without an email address, if you lose your password, you cannot access your game! We advise everyone to set an email address. These will be stored in our database and never used for marketing purposes, and never passed on to anyone else.
7: Are there any advantages to this system for me?
Actually yes. As the owner of a license, you are allowed to play the game even if for some reason your disc is broken, lost, burned, eaten by the dog, whatever. You bought a license for the game, not the game itself. Using these webpages, you can use your key and password to obtain a new disc image that you can use to re-make your game disc.
8: What if I want to sell my game?
Selling your license is your right. But it is also the right of anyone to be sure they are buying a genuine game. You are able to allow others to see if your key is a genuine valid key. Simply select the 'Authorise Validity Check' from the front page, and follow the instructions. You will then be able to allow other potential buyers to see that your key is genuine. You will be able to place your key as part of your sales ad in safety, as obviously, you canot access the game without your password, and a potential buyer can come here to verify your game is genuine.

9: What if I want to buy a protected game?
You can use the 'Check Validity' button to check whether a key is genuine. If it is, you will know that the game you have is not locked out. Be warned, if you buy a second hand game with a locked out key, you are the victim of fraud and you should obtain a refund from the seller. LGP is not responsible for your buying a game with a locked out key. You may also use the 'key transfer' system to ensure the smooth transition of the license from the seller to the buyer. This means you will always be assured that when your game arrives in the post, it is yours to play.